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Welcome Cosmic Lover, to this other-worldly realm where we explore, experience, and research all things LOVE.

Welcome Cosmic Lover... this other-worldly realm where worlds collide so we can explore, experience, and research all things LOVE.


Do you want to vibe with love on a higher dimension? Do you want to discover deeper connection, fulfillment, better sex?
Do you want to love wildly, passionately, sacredly?  You’ve come to the right place.


Tips & Advice

Tips and Advice from our friends & partners. Read more


Conscious, Magic, and that
”Woo-Woo“ kind-of-love

Our goal is to amplify LOVE energy that this planet so desperately needs right now.  This is a place of miracles, unicorns & woo-woo alchemy. Read more


for Superheroes, Gods and the Alpha Male

Come on guys, you know you want to open your hearts and LOVE madly too.  Join other Conscious Superheroes who aren’t afraid to share their vulnerabilities. Read more


Confessions. Trials. Snafus.

A personal journey that reinvents the roles we play in love, sex and life. Orbit around Kinky Vanilla Love


Quotes & Inspiration

Quotes and Inspiration to spread the Love Vibe. View Gallery


Inner Beauty. Sacred Sensuality.
Personal Empowerment.

Welcome to a world where we honor the perfection and beauty of your sensual soul. Experience a healing art that will allow you to fall madly in love with yourself. Teleport to Lord Coltrane Haute Life



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How to Cocoon towards a New Phase of Self-Love


The New Moon is the perfect time to learn how to "cocoon" into a new phase of understanding LOVE and BEAUTY that exist within the magnificent creature that is you. Teleport to Lord Coltrane Haute Life