Parvati Veronic Rueles, founder and CEO of Ashram Chic, shares a beautiful mantra of the day with us.  


The English language is vague when it comes to the word used for the universal language.

In English, there is only one word to fit the bill for everything. Like – I Love You, I love that song, love your sense of humor, love my children, the I love yous that are said with the pause at the end waiting to hear it back, Love Actually,

I love you but I’m not In Love with you,

Big Love, True Love, Out of Love, Deeply in Love, Puppy Love, What’s Love Got To Do With It, I Love You You’re Perfect Now Change. A wise man once said to me “Who doesn’t love falling in love, it’s standing in love that’s the hard part” Love that one!

Sexual Love, Romantic Love, Familial Love, Platonic Love. All this LOVE everywhere.

Are we showing those around us that we love them or do we say we love out of convenience, obligation, or to just get what we want? On a more universal level. We don’t have to travel to developing countries to show our love for humanity; show our neighbor (love thy neighbor as thyself), our children, our friends, our lovers. BE AUTHENTIC about it and not expect anything in return.

That’s love. That’s amore!


It’s said we breathe 20,000 times a day —

that many opportunities to send out love, peace, and inspiration and plant the seeds who’s fruit you’ll want to enjoy later!

Now try doing this in front of the mirror, because that’s where the I Love Yous need to start.

Smile, and mean it.

and remember

Laughing is Contagious,

it Starts with You.