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The Formula for Purpose

Dear Shamwow Shaman:

How am I supposed to find my big purpose?  How can I know what I’m supposed to do with my life?   What have I been put on this planet for?  I see a lot about people finding their purpose and living with passion and in doing that, they’re changing the world.  It sounds so good.   Really good.  How can I find MY reason for being?    Or if you have a suggestion of someone I can go to, or a class I can take, a process or a formula, I’m ready.  Really ready.

Impatiently Waiting 


Dear Impatiently Waiting,

One day a scientist came back from his vacation and found mold juice was eating up an experiment he was growing – he was curious as to what else it would eat and the next thing you know we had penicillin.

A 19 year old girl’s diaphanous debutante dress was ruined with her whalebone corset creating a mono bosom and poking out of the fabric, so she fiddled around with some handkerchiefs and ribbon to create the look she wanted and that’s how we got the bra.


If we strip their story down to the bare bones, they were DOING  something and then something happened, and they heard a little voice in their head, and then they started DOING something else, and an act of creation occurred that changed the course they were on, changing their world,  and then everyone else’s world.

What they have in common, those stories of antibiotics and undergarments, is that a person was DOING something.   They weren’t just sitting around waiting for the clouds to part and a voice to come out of the sky.  They weren’t in a classroom trying to figure out how to figure things out.    They were DOING something, and when that small voice in their head instructed them to take a turn and give something a try, they DID it.   They DID the next thing and listened and then DID the next thing and listened…and now through the long lens of history, it looks like antibiotics and undergarments was their big purpose.  

Start DOING something and then listen to that little voice.    Then DO the next thing, and then listen and then DO the next thing, and before you know it, you’ll be on the road to DOING what YOU want to DO.  So here’s a little formula for you---- Doing + Listening + Doing + Listening (x Infinity) = Purpose and Passion.

Will that change the world?   It will certainly change YOUR world.   And when you change your world, the whole world changes.