The Hunt for Power

Natalie is a Kundalini Yoga teacher who is always on the hunt for power.


Power, wealth, influence.  The eternal quest for these things have consumed us since Pandora’s box and that fateful bite of an apple unleashed mortal preoccupations on the world. Our ancient civilizations devoted armies, resources and sacrificed love in the name of acquiring great power.  Such was the lure of the promise of power that empires fell and tragedies of death, devastating loss and obsession ensued.  So, what was the secret key to unlocking the power code?

It is no coincidence that where we find places of worship, we will often find ancient ruins or remnants of sacred sites.  There is a Hawaiian saying ‘The land isn’t sacred because the temple is here … the temple is here because the land is sacred’. 

Our connection with the land, with nature has always been a portal to the divine.  A spiritual, intuitive connection with our quantum nature and a knowing that there is an inherent coherence with every living thing in this universe. Sacred sites draw us to tap into this magical, intangible quality that exists just beyond the veil of our physical reality.

Power acquisition is at the core of our mythology and we have been on the hunt for power since the beginning of time.  Traditionally we think of power as consisting of money or status but what if the real acquisition of power was a deeper access to a higher intelligence, a quantum sphere that lies within and without.  A kind of knowledge, a connection and a magnetism to the flow that is ever present to those who choose to seek it and live life through that current.  Our power to resonate and vibrate with a higher frequency that invites in the magic and mystery we seek. A hunt for the most positive vibrational current in everything we encounter and in every thought we can think.

Perhaps the greatest power we can actually acquire is personal power that is a true possession of ourselves and of our own sovereignty.  This comes through a knowing of ourselves that requires dedication, devotion and discipline and a commitment to self.  Is the power we crave really the gifts of our soul waiting and begging to come through and guide our lives? A kind of shapeshifting of our life experience through an expanded consciousness and channeling this deeper truth through us.  We all recognize someone who we perceive to be magnetic.  We say that they have that special ‘something’ … an aura or glow that surrounds them.  Is the real power we crave a moving away from the notion that power is a place, a thing and more accurately a deeper connecting with our heart and soul.  Our authentic power emanates from a singing of our true nature through this life experience that we create with our soul and the gifts that we came in to give to the world. 

- Natalie