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Can She Really Surrender Openly, Blissfully, Erotically to You?

Two simple techniques that will help her to surrender and feel safe.


Hey there Superhero,

Is your beloved having a hard time surrendering openly, blissfully, and erotically to you?

I know it sucks, but even after years of marriage or cohabitation, women can still have a difficult time truly surrendering to their male partners.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many role models for the art of impeccable presence for the feminine essence to completely surrender.

(By the way, feminine does NOT mean lipstick, flowery dresses, and innocent smiles! It is an energetic principal that many, not all, women are naturally attuned to. Both sexes carry both energies.)

A divine masculine is part of the balance necessary to be in harmony with the feminine, whether that is in the boardroom or the bedroom.

Women subconsciously fear men because we still have that primal fear for our lives initiated during early Neanderthal days.

Maybe you’ve read some of the anthropological studies and philosophies about why women unconsciously still hold this fear in their bodies. Survival skills of fight, flight or freeze were absolutely necessary during the cave man days, but our reptilian brain that manages these stress responses hasn’t caught up yet with our emotional or rational brains to sort out that very basic human trauma.

Women, when pregnant, could not defend themselves against the local Sabretooth tiger hunting for his next meal. They understood the need for a tribe and the protection it brought. By default, female bodies warn us before becoming just a tasty appetizer for the wild beasts lurking outside.


Fast forward to when women became property along with the land. We had to pop out lots of babies in order to work the land, ensure the family ownership, and just in case they didn’t survive.

We were separated from our tribe of women and beholden to the man of the house and his rules. Psychologically, we started to project the fear of survival with the loss of our family unit. We did not want to be cast aside, so we perfected house holding. We also hid all signs of sexuality to avoid being ostracized with a scarlet letter. We had no choice but to shut down our sexual bodies and submit.

Peppered here and there are stories of ancient feminine power. You know, the witches and sorceresses who continued to use their innate sexual powers, alchemy, and divine intuition to heal others. We were way too powerful and freaky to the patriarchy, so we got burnt at the stake, stoned, or beheaded. Men became the Sabretooth tigers.

Nowadays it is still patriarchal power over women (income gap, rape, etc.) And, most of you are bigger and more muscular than us, with larger hands that happen to fit perfectly around our necks.

Even though our primitive need for survival is in the past (or at least surviving the Sabretooth tigers and the burning of witches is in the past), our bodies and our reptilian brains have not forgotten the trauma. Every rape, abuse, and diminishment of other women reminds us of our own lineage.

But do not worry! There is something YOU can do to help change the neurological pathways for women, and resurrect the A-man.

“A” meaning Alpha. “A” meaning Awakened. “A” meaning Awesome.

You are the superheroes, gods, and the divine masculine that can change the world for the better, or at least allow your feminine beloved to surrender into genuine, yummy bliss.

(Quick note here, feminine and masculine do not have to mean biologically female and male. The energies are of the collective unconscious, so it relates to all who feel masculine or feel feminine.)

Your grounded presence is the answer.

For the feminine to really feel safe, your energy must ground deep into the earth, like the majestic Himalayan mountains. Your commitment to her in the moments is key. She needs to feel that you can withstand her gentle wind turning into a tornado, or when her molted sexy lava erupts into volcanic explosions. She needs to know you have her. This flow, this chaos, this variety is simply the natural way of the unchained feminine.

The safe container you hold in stillness can drain the fear right out of her, allowing her to show you her full emotional range gracefully. Your simple unwavering presence can calm her raging waters into soothing rivers that nourishes your body. The feminine, after all, is an instrument with many notes. When played fully, her body is a symphonic wave of love, devotion, and lust for you.

Give her your presence and she will give you her soul, at least in bed.

She will show you what an incredible man you are, and inspire you to be more of who you were meant to be. Your purpose, your life, your manhood will amplify to the likes of Thor. And hell yes, we will surrender to that.


Here are two simple techniques that require zero conversation, and you can practice them right now with your feminine counterpart.

Make eye contact.

Now don’t roll your eyes, I’m serious. I know some of you hate this, but eye contact to the feminine makes us feel seen. And if you see her, at the very least she gets a warning sign if the Sabretooth tiger is near.

The most important part to this is to see her with the right intention. When you silently tell her with your eyes “I have you,” you become Superman. Look at her while saying “I want you” too soon, she may blush or run away.

Ground your energy.

Keep all your energy (or attention) dropped into your groin, without “movement.” Yes, your groin. A woman’s feminine energy is in her sexual region, also known as the sacral chakra. A man’s masculine energy is in his sexual region too.

Masculine and feminine energy has polarity when the energy attracts like a magnet. This allows her to feel grounded in your presence. Your masculine “penetrating” energy bonds to her feminine “receiving” energy like the positive/negative sides of a magnet. Amplify this with the earth’s magnetic core, and you both feel grounded. Add a little sexual tension and WHOA! Now I’m starting to blush!

Grounded energy feels comfortable, and she is less likely to turn her gentle wave into a tsunami without warning. When you run your energy up the torso, as you would to “get things done,” it feels like a fight to her.

If you are sitting at your desk reading this, drop your energy into your groin, like you are about rest in bed after a long day. It feels good and settled, right? Now think about going to the gym and doing an intense cross-fit class with The Rock, or think about all the things you still have to get done today, but instead you are killing time reading this article. Where is the energy in your body running now? I bet all the way up your spine.

Remember, you are (typically) physically stronger, so she will want to protect herself (or get a lot of things done too) with energy running up your spine. “Doing” energy will amplify her own masculine energy. When this happens, you lose polarity, which is fine at work, but so not sexy in the bedroom.

Keeping your energy in your groin, while adding movement and tension into it (I am so guessing you know what I mean by this) will heat up the polarity and turns it into animal magnetism. This energy is a huge turn-on for women.

As you do this, you want to remember to see her—really see her.

Ground yourself into your groin, add tension, say with your eyes, “I see you. I have you. All of you. You are safe with me. I want you. I want all of you.” Keep your eyes on her even if she closes hers. Do this and she will melt her body and surrender to the superhero that you are.

Thanks for reading A-man.